site updates!

11/24/23 -
started the photo gallery for the mario party fanpage :)

11/23/23 -
added the fav minigames section to the mario party fanpage, so excited to be close to finishing it!!

11/19/23 -
i completely redesigned the shrines page! it was looking a little too similar to the mario party fanpage

11/13/23 -
added favorite boards section to mario party fanpage :)

11/11/23 -
finished the game manuals page for the mario party fanpage!!

11/05/23 -
added more mutuals to the resources page :) i also updated the cursors on several of my webpages! the cursors are made by dreambubble ~ go check it out!

11/04/23 -
added different music for the inner pages of the mario party shrine!! i also made the animated background match the tempo of the different songs :)

10/28/23 -
happy splatoween!! added a spooky image to the homepage & created some more sections for the mario party fanpage

10/22/23 -
finally started the mario party fanpage!! go see it on the shrines page :)

9/10/23 -
i changed up my look & updated my mii!! also updated the microblog & weekly album ^^

8/29/23 -
finally added a new blog :D

6/30/23 -
added new mutuals to the resources and added new weekly album :)

6/22/23 -
new status & weekly album sections added to the homepage!!

6/7/23 -
added another WiiRing variant based off the wii mini!!

5/30/23 -
i'm adding new WiiRing variants based off different Wii console variants! i added one based off the blue family edition wii :)

5/24/23 -
added credits to all the songs used on the site! see them in the resouces page :o

4/21/23 -
minor updates throughout site! also included many new mutuals to the resouces page~

4/16/23 -
shrines landing page is now available!! i'm so happy with the way it looks so far :)

4/7/23 -
added pets to the about page!

3/26/23 -
the wii webring is now ready!! learn more about it by clicking the free wii ad :3

3/22/23 -
added first entry to blog page! go look :o

3/19/23 -
blog page is ready! not much to see yet, but i'll add to it soon!

3/14/23 -
built resources page :P

3/10/23 -
created guestbook and made minor updates around site!

3/08/23 -
finally finished the about page!! more content coming to it soon ~

3/02/23 -
added fun gif animations in the background :) also fixed mobile responsiveness & button shortcode!

2/27/23 -
many additional sections added to homepage!

2/24/23 -
new 404 page

2/22/23 -
my first neocities site!! There's still so much to build, but i'm pretty happy with how things are looking so far :) expect lots of additional content soon!

welcome to jeith!!

Hi, welcome to my personal website! is where i'll be sharing updates on my life, interests, and whatever else i like take a look around!

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todo list

- "finish" home page

- create about page

- create blog page

- get autoplay working

- create resources page

- create guestbook

- join webring

- cursor improvements

- create wiiring variants

- add music credits

- create paper mario shrine

- change up blog styles

- add more about sections

- finish mario party shrine

- hack 3ds

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