i've been experimenting with more art mediums, and i've been having a lot of fun painting & collaging! lately i've been really into painting dots and landscapes in my sketchbook :P i'm excited to share more art as i improve overtime!

art gallery!!

check out the art gallery below! click the images below to view them at full size!

acrylic paint 7.24.24
acrylic paint 7.13.24
acrylic paint 7.7.24
acrylic paint 6.30.24
acrylic paint/paper bags 6.25.24
acrylic paint 4.8.24
multi media 4.6.24
acrylic paint/posca pen 3.23.24
acrylic paint 3.15.24
acrylic paint & magazines 3.15.24
ceramics 4.16.23