cameras i use!

Holga 120CFN
my newest camera, the holga 120cfn! it's a toy camera, and my first medium format camera.

Fujifilm Quicksnap
most my pictures are on disposible cameras, i really like how flash photography looks on these! i mainly use the fujifilm quicksnap because it's the cheapest single use camera where i live.

Canon AE-1
this was my parent's camera from the 70s/80s! they gave it to me as they weren't using it anymore, and it's what i learned film photography on!

Nikon D3000
this was my first SLR camera, and i've had it over a decade now! even though it's from 2009, it shoots amazing quality photos!

Pixel 7
my phone, the pixel 7! i hate how big this phone is and i kinda miss my pixel 4a, but it's good at taking photos! 90% of my phone pictures are of my pets


welcome to my photobook! i never think to take photos on my phone, so i like keeping a camera around remind me to take photos every so often. here's some fun photos from my life!