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Welcome to my blog!! here you'll find personal blog entries as well as other stuff I find worth writing about. feel free to scroll down or use the navigation to the left to take a look around!

I'm now engaged!!


my girlfriend financeé & i have been together for over 5 years and we're now engaged! i proposed today & we’re now going out of town to a city we went to at the beginning of our relationship to celebrate :D


i love spending every day together and i can't imagine living without eachother! we have many mutual interests & hobbies and spend a majority of our time watching reality tv & playing nintendo games together :) we actually went to the same elementary school, but we didn’t officially meet until our 20s! crazy to think how we've known eachother our whole lives basically :0

i thought this would be a good opportunity to show off some of her hobbies! they make very cool art & have the best animal crossing island ever

anyways, i'm so excited to spend our future together and all the things we'll get to do! :D i'll have to update the photobook with the pics i take on our trip once they're developed!!

2023 Recap


2023 is over! I want to do yearly blogs after each new year. I don’t exactly how I want to do this, but I was thinking I could go over my interests over the year & summarize everything else below. Here it is!

2023 music

I feel like I haven’t been seeking out as much new music as I have in past years, but I did listen to a lot of classical guitar music from brazil! My most listened to artist on Spotify was Luiz Bonfa(especially the solo in rio album), and my most listened to song was Sons de Carrilhões. I listen to a lot of music while working and I try to listen to music that’s not so distracting, so more passive music like this usually ends up in my top listened on Spotify. Besides classical guitar, I’ve been revisiting a lot of older music I grew up on like 60s pop & indie. jazz funk was also my top listened to genre of the year for the 3rd time in a row. My favorite songs that were new to me in 2023 are one way or the other - the fifth avenue band, garoto - luiz bonfa, a lover’s concerto - cilla black, Without Him - Triste Janero, and take me for example - macabre plaza.

2023 games

I’ve played a ton of splatoon 3 like last year :p i mainly play games on my switch, and nintendo did a recap of everything I played over the year! I got back into minecraft this year and started my own realm with my partner & friends! I would show it off, but that’s for another blog :P here’s the hours I spent on my switch this year:

Most played games: Splatoon 3, Minecraft, & Pokemon Unite

Super Mario Wonder would probably be on here if it didn't come out late in the year, it's definitely my favorite game that's come out this year!

2023 tv

It’s hard to recount all the shows I’ve watched over the year, but a lot of it was reality tv. I’ve been watching The Curse, and it’s been amazing, really the best show I’ve seen in a while. I loved what we do in the shadows season 5 too, I can’t believe it’s about to end next season! A huge surprise this year was Kitchen Nightmares getting rebooted after over a decade; it’s terrible, but I love the gordon ramsey shows. There’s probably a lot of other shows I really liked but this is all I can really think of now


i think 2023 was a good year! The past few years were kinda hard due to personal things going on, but I’ve been a lot happier over the past year. I love where I live & work now, and I’ve had a lot more time to myself this year. My biggest accomplishment this year would have to be this website! I was really wanting a creative outlet before starting this website in February, and neocities really gave me that :) I really love the community on here and it’s really encouraged me to keep building on to the site. I excited to continue building onto it for another year and to keep blogging!

my new guitar!!


It's been 5 months since the first & only blog post!! I always knew this page would be the hardest for me to update since I'm not the best at blogging :P but I'd love to keep this more updated as I plan to keep this site up forever, and I would love to be revisit old memories in the future.

I never really talk about it on here, but I play guitar & a few other instruments! I want to eventually record some of my songs and share it on here, but recording and mixing is so hard for me. I also just need to get a new mic :p I mainly play fingerstyle songs on classical guitar, but I've gone through a lot of phases and can play a bunch of different stuff :)

facebook market place listing titled this is a fantasia ks160 guitar and case guitar need one string tuning knob

I've been looking for a new classial guitar for a while, and I found this super nice one for $100!! The images of it were so low quality so I was a little worried about it's condition, but I drove out to storage unit and met the seller to see it. It ended up looking amazing in person besides being super dirty!

I cleaned the guitar, replaced the tuning machine & strings over the next week, and it sounds great! It was made in Japan in 1972 too - over 50 years old!! It has lots of scratches & scuffs as expected for an old guitar, but none of them are major enough to effect the sound in any way. I honestly love the scratches and think they give the guitar character :) Here's some pics I took while I was fixing it up!

the cedar on the guitar looks soooo pretty, and I love the decorative pattern on bridge & head. hopefully i'll be motivated to upgrade my mic next and record it soon! I'd love to share how it sounds :)

What inspired


My first blog entry!! I wanted my first entry to be about why I created and what inspired the design on it. I spent most my childhood on the web, especially from the years 2002 to 2012. My first memories on the internet are browsing through fansites hosted on geocities & Nabiscoworld(I also remember a kid friendly animal encyclopedia type website in the mid 2000s that I spent a ton of time on - please let me know if this sounds familar, i can't find it!).

Before smart phones, going online really felt like an event, like you were actually going somewhere. I remember being away from home and having anticipation to go back online to check all the forums & fansites I was visiting regularly. Since we now all have smart phones, this feeling is gone as we're always connected online, and web design has started becoming devoid of personality. Being here on neocities is me trying to get back to how the web used to be.

Most the design of this website is inspired by video game UI & geocities websites. The backgrounds on my website remind me alot of kirby, but they're all from Paper Mario 64 & Paper Mario TTYD UI. I took small screen shots from these menus:

and I made them part of the site's background after adjusting the colors & dithering them! The first three paper mario games were a big part of my childhood, so I wanted to include it in some way on the website.

Websites from my childhood are also a big inspiration behind the website's design. I really love the aesthestics of the old web, and I wanted to lean into the more whimsical side of it. Having repeated images for the background was a must, and the scrolling containers on my site are based on frames. Most other influences from the old web here are more obvious like the use of marquee tags, dithering, & gifs.

I'm really happy with how the website's looking so far, but things are always bound to change! I want to add many more pages, and I hope to build much more on the currently existing pages. It may be a while until I have any shrines ready, but I'll be including completely different designs for those too. Thanks everyone for visiting & making possible!

future blogs!

there's a few projects I'd like to blog about in the future. I haven't started most of these projects yet, but this includes:

more general life updates

hacking 3ds

softmodding wii

splatoon blog

minecraft server