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arlita digibun doqmeat dropandspindash

this includes all my mutuals on neocites with buttons - please reach out via email or neocities if your's is missing!



you probably already know this site, but it's the best for finding old gifs!


A massive collection of web buttons


My favorite resource for smilies


probably the best gif converter that exists. it's open source, free, & super high quality

DOKODEMO graphics

Some cool F2U graphics created by suni on DOKODEMO. This is where the nintendo switch buddysticker on my about page is from.

dreambubble's pixels

a bunch of cool F2U pixels created by dreambubble - this is where i found most my cursors!

web dev stuff!


a tool that compresses large photos to improve inital webpage load. i use this on every mii in the WiiRing!

Bulk Image Resizer

I use this along with Optimizilla for super fast load times!

<head> guide!

a list of everything you can put in your <head> tag!


A great resource to use when first learning how to code!

Flexbox Froggy

fun game that teaches flexbox! i use flexbox for positioning a lot of my layout.

CSS Generators

A huge collection of CSS generators for all kinds of use cases

game stuff!

Wii Guide

The best resource for modding your Wii. The Wii has to be the easiest console to mod now days, and it works great for emulating games. Developers have also brought back online functionality in to the Wii with RiiConnect24 & Wiimmfi

Pretendo Network

Pretendo is a free and open source replacement for Nintendo's servers for both the 3DS and Wii U, allowing online connectivity, even after the original servers are discontinued. This includes returning miiverse & bringing back splatfests in splatoon 1.


My favorite site for roms! Has about anything you'd need, and they've kept the same web design & layout since 1999.


An archive of nearly all miiverse posts made prior to the miiverse shutdown!

♪ ~ site music ~ ♪

homepage music!

Grasslands - Kuru Kuru Kuruin

about page music!

Mii Maker - Wii U System Music

blog music!

Deep Blooper Sea - Mario Party 3

the song on this page!

Shopping - Nintendogs

shrines music!

Lease (bitcrushed) - Takeshi Abo

WiiRing music!

Swap Meet - Wii Party

photobook music!

Soreike! Anpanman - Anpanman's March (instrumental)

art music!

Flower Fields Rondo - Paper Mario

mario party - main music!

Into the Pipe - Mario Party 2

mario party - photo gallery music!

Western Land - Mario Party 2

mario party - manual music!

Let The Game Begin - Mario Party 2

other cool sites!

cinni.net syntheticfruits.neocities.org dimden.dev lostletters.neocities.org hillhouse ita moonview.neocities.org neoratz.neocities.org