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mario party!!

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Hi, welcome to the Mario Party fanpage!

I've played Mario Party for as long as I can remember, starting with Mario Party 2 & 3 on the nintendo 64! It's always been one of my favorite series, and I felt inspired to make this after the release of Mario Party Superstars. After putting over 100 hours into mario party superstars, my partner & i then started playing through all the mario party games chronologically and it was so much fun! and also kinda funny to look back on how we would get off of work and play mario party till we went to bed everyday for a few solid months. since then, I've really wanted to make this fanpage!

For anyone unaware, mario party is a party game based around a gameboard with each turn involving rolling a dice and playing a minigame. It's super casual and somewhat based on luck which makes it a lot of fun to play with others. It's hard to pick a favorite out of the series, but my favorite would probably be Mario Party 6 on the Gamecube. But most the mario party games are great with exception to the mario party advance, 9, & 10(imo).

fav minigames

face lift (mario party)

bumper balls (mario party)

crazy cuttters (mario party)

bombs away (mario party)

hot rope jump (mario party)

baloon burst (mario party 2)

cake factory (mario party 2)

platform peril (mario party 2)

roll call (mario party 2)

awful tower (mario party 3)

ice rink risk (mario party 3)

booksquirm (mario party 4)

leaf leap (mario party 5)

night light fright (mario party 5)

mowtown (mario party 6)

hyper sniper (mario party 6)

trap ease artist (mario party 6)

balloonatic (mario party 7)

treacherous tightrope (mario party 8)

boo-ting gallery (mario party 8)

fav boards

Peach's Birthday Cake

mario party 1

probably the cutest of the n64 boards

Western Land

mario party 2

one of the best n64 boards. i love the western outfits & the fake star gimmick in this one

Horror Land

mario party 2

terrifying board

Deep Blooper Sea

mario party 3

this one was my favorite in childhood :)

Woody Woods

mario party 3

i love how many different paths are in this one; very happy to see it again in superstars!

Goomba's Greedy Gala

mario party 4

the casino theme for this board is kinda weird for a E rated game, but it's super fun!

Sweet Dream

mario party 5

another cute board based around a giant cake

Toy Dream

mario party 5

i love the whimsical aesthetic and how many stories there are!

Snowflake Lake

mario party 6

this one's unique since everyone starts with 5 stars, and you can only steal stars from others. very toxic

Towering Treetop

mario party 6

maybe my favorite board in the series, i just really love the theming!

Neon Heights

mario party 7

this one's like an american theme board?? i kinda like it

Shy Guy's Perplex Express

mario party 8

it's a train!

fav characters


daisy first became a playable character in mario party 3 and has been in every game since!


waluigi's definitely my most played character, and he's also been around since mario party 3!

koopa kid

koopa kid's a playable character in Mario Party 4, 5, & 6! after a small appearance in mario party 7, they've been removed from the mario party series. Probaby because of their resemblance to bowser jr, nintendo seems to have completely removed koopa kid from all mario games.


yoshi was my favorite character throughout my childhood, and has been in every mario party game!


toadette first appeared in mario party 6 and onwards ~ very underated very cute

donkey kong

donkey kong is in every mario party game but is only playable in mario party 1-4 & 10. his character model looks so funny walking on all fours in the N64 games and has always been one of my favorites!